Not quite a BBQ

“I want a barbecue!” I declared to the Boy Sunday just gone, fair enough it wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t raining and when you live in Manchester when it is not raining you try and get out as much as possible! Since moving to Manchester 6 years ago I am sure I have shrunk as I am always drenched from all the lovely weather!!

After a bit of compromise we made the decision to have chicken, ribs and potatoes and we would barbecue the ribs!! I can not describe how excited I was I adore barbecued food and the whole process of cooking outdoors.

At 10 I started to marinade my ribs in some jerk seasoning it was all going to plan….at 1 I started to plan my side dishes I decided to have some 5 spice roast sweet potatoes, mash potato (I know a lot of carbs!) and some baked beans.

After playing with play doh and watching some nursery rhymes with Munch it was time to light the barbecue and yep you guessed it…..




Well maybe not this bad but you get the idea!

To say I was gutted would have been an understatement. Yes I did sit and stare out of the window wondering Why me?? Melodramatic? Maybe….but nevermind 

But being the supermum (cough cough) I am I plowed ahead and used my faithful George Foreman Grilling Machine!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Not Quite a BBQ!!



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