The Hardest Thing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I would have some very exciting news to share with you but I am sorry to say that instead I have the most heartbreaking news to share.

A week before I was due to go on holiday I found out that I was pregnant. Excited was not the word I was so happy The Boy and I where planning for our new arrival we shared the news with family and friends and I was already getting a pretty big stomach. Everything seemed to be going as normal, however as I think you might have guessed it has not gone to plan…

Miscarriage it is such an ugly word and it has 100000’s of feelings behind it. The one I am feeling at the moment is guilt. Was it something I did? I know it wasn’t but it doesn’t stop it from hurting. 

While my family and I are dealing with this I am astounded with the support I have received from my friends and family and I am so grateful to them. They understand that I need my space so have given me that but I know that they are there.

Having Munch is also such a blessing I know people, like my sister who are unable to have children so I know I am lucky that I have her and I thank my lucky stars everyday for her and her funny ways that always make me smile.

I know that the gut wrenching despair I am feeling now might fade but I am not naive enough to think that it will fade completely I will never forget the pain, the guilt or the heartbreak, but with the understanding of my amazing family and the strength that I gain from my friends I know I will get there.

Thank you for reading this. 


Tacky but I love it.

My parents run a B&B in Blackpool so once a month the family and I visit them and escape to the seaside. Living in a city like Manchester it is nice to have an escape route even if it is the cheesy Blackpool coast.



For the past few years Blackpool has not got the best reputation Stags and Hens seem to flock there which gives it a bad name. I have hears people call it tacky, but my question is What is wrong with tacky? I love Blackpool especially now since they have made some improvements on the sea front. Yes so its a it dated, but retro is all the rage now isn’t it?


Munch loves visiting her grandparents they spoil her this last visit we came away with two new pairs of shoes and a new toy. I love taking her to the seafront and watch her run around laughing clearly not bothered about the rep that this seaside town has. once a year we  take her to Blackpool zoo which is really good for younger children as they run shows throughout the day, have a petting zoo and it is also compacted enough that they can walk around it without feeling too tired. (We tried that at Chester zoo but it is huge!)

There is also the Sealife center which if I am honest I will only go to if I have a voucher for 2-4-1 or something similar but it is still worth a look.

Personally one of my favorite things to do is read the comedy carpet as there are some brilliant quotes some of which I recognise some I don’t but it always gets a giggle from me.



So for my readers in the UK please give Blackpool a chance it is great for the family!



Rosy cheeks = a good time running around

Manic Times! (A Preview)

I bet you thought I had forgotten you!? Sorry it has been too long since my last post but it has been a very mad few weeks at the Family Pie household! 

Over the next few days I will update you with all my goings on including…

  • An amazing 10 day holiday – expect a lot of pictures – the boy took over 300 pictures! 
  • A review on a unlikely family friendly restaurant.
  • A family trip to the seaside.
  • Last but certainly not least a MASSIVE piece of news I am itching to share with you all but I have to be patient.

See I told you I have been busy!! So please keep following and commenting and I won’t leave it as long next time….



Not quite a BBQ

“I want a barbecue!” I declared to the Boy Sunday just gone, fair enough it wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t raining and when you live in Manchester when it is not raining you try and get out as much as possible! Since moving to Manchester 6 years ago I am sure I have shrunk as I am always drenched from all the lovely weather!!

After a bit of compromise we made the decision to have chicken, ribs and potatoes and we would barbecue the ribs!! I can not describe how excited I was I adore barbecued food and the whole process of cooking outdoors.

At 10 I started to marinade my ribs in some jerk seasoning it was all going to plan….at 1 I started to plan my side dishes I decided to have some 5 spice roast sweet potatoes, mash potato (I know a lot of carbs!) and some baked beans.

After playing with play doh and watching some nursery rhymes with Munch it was time to light the barbecue and yep you guessed it…..




Well maybe not this bad but you get the idea!

To say I was gutted would have been an understatement. Yes I did sit and stare out of the window wondering Why me?? Melodramatic? Maybe….but nevermind 

But being the supermum (cough cough) I am I plowed ahead and used my faithful George Foreman Grilling Machine!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Not Quite a BBQ!!


Thursday Special – Meal Planning

Wow a week goes by so fast! I have decided to make my meal planning a weekly thing on here as I love to share with you what I am eating and I am obsessed with going through other peoples blogs and reading what they are eating and getting some ideas for meals.

The boy is realising that while I am blogging it is a free pass for him to watch as much football as he wants so I am forever browsing through the millions of blogs that are out there and some people are a real inspiration.

Without further ado this weeks plan is:

Friday – Chicken Stir Fry

Saturday – Red Pepper and Chicken Curry

Sunday – American not quite a BBQ

Monday – Chili and rice

Tuesday – Fish and Potato Pie

Wednesday – Sticky Gammon Steaks with Jacket Potatoes and beans

Thursday – Penne with beef ragu.

What do you think? I am particularly excited to try the sticky gammon as that is a new recipe to try out. I will add pictures throughout the week.

Beware! Toddler!!!

Toddlers should come with a health warning as I am sat here I can hear the Boy shout “Munch get down!” and her cute, but definitely evil laugh follow. Having a strong minded little girl is most of the times lots of fun the things she comes out with is hilarious, but like her mummy she is stubborn and when she thinks she is right that is it!




Her childminder told me of an incident last week where they where playing the traffic light game. The rules of this game are simple when someone shouts out green you run and when they shout out red you stop, but Munch had other ideas:

Childminder: “Red!” (Munch runs) “Munch no at red you stop”

Munch “No at red we go because of the green man”

Now at this point I must point out that me and the Boy don’t drive so any experience that Munch has had of traffic lights is as a pedestrian so in this case I can see why she would argue! Suffice to say the childminder doesn’t play that game often with the children as it just ends up in a big debate with Munch!!

We tried out the naughty step for when she is naughty but she just climbs up them and walks down them….so we tried naughty spot where she spun screaming “DIZZY!”

Now it is a warning then her bedroom…which thankfully seems to be working at the moment. As soon as you say “Stop or you will be going to bed” she freezes and stops. Then starts doing whatever we told her not to about an hour later.

Being a parent is so much fun especially with a toddler I am learning, but I am not afraid of the bad mummy brigade when I say sometimes my favorite times are when she is asleep!Image

If you have a toddler how are you coping? Have the terrible twos hit yet? I would love to hear your thoughts 


Busy Sunday

I hope you all have had a really nice and relaxing Sunday here at the Family Pie household it has been very busy.

It started off with a 2 mile walk to our local Asda as it was a nice morning, but we completely forgot Sunday opening hours….


Munch didn’t mind waiting outside for 5 mins she found a ride….



Once shopping was done it was time to have a little fun so off to the park we went, 


Then some older children showed up and started swearing and carrying on so we left as I was concerned with the football they where kicking up in the air not caring where it landed!

Once we where back at home the real work began I decided that today I would do some batch cooking and ended up with this….


I made:

  • Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Mini Bagels
  • Mushy Pea Curry
  • Peanut Butter Curry
  • Yellow Drumstick Curry
  • Thai Chicken Wings
  • Tandoori Chicken Wings
  • Croquettes
  • Meatball Pasta Bake.

Phew I am shattered. But I suppose this is what Sundays are about getting the house in order and family time. 

If you would like any of my recipes please let me know and I can post them!